Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Never recvd shirts from Americana Couture

I never received shirts from Americana Couture and I am wondering if the company even exists. I requested information on wholesale and a lady named June Marlboro called me. She left me a message which said she is in Tucson and her number is 520-661-3577. I called back and she answered by saying "Hello" not by stating a company name (that made me suspicious) she said she couldn't help me with my previous order. I called the number on their website many, many times about my order and no one ever returned my calls. They told me to file a claim with paypal - something about a settlement. Can any one explain and tell me how to get my money back? I am extremely frustrated and hope that no one else ever orders from this company. I have never seen one of their tshirts, I just thought they looked really cute on the internet. I think they are a bunch of liars and I am a big sucker.
I got several emails from "Mark". Who is this person? How are they still in business? We need to get them black listed from the internet. How can we do that?